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29th May 2021

Final covid vaccine clinics at Woodhouse will be early July. See the Covid vaccine page for more.

17th May 2021

Face to face appointments

In line in Government guidance, we are now offering patent's the choice of booking a face to face or a telephone appointment.


4th May 2021

Our new website launchs today! We welcome your comments & suggestions about its layout and content.

Please use the Contact Us form.

27th April 2021

Appointments update

As of April 2021, we have worked very hard to clear the long waiting time and are now once again  meeting our target of providing a routine appt with any GP at around 10 working days.

 We know that through the winter & spring of 2020/21 the wait for a routine appointment was much longer than we would like; we are sorry about this. The reason that a backlog built up was because: February is always the busiest month; working on the phone takes more appointments to get things sorted out; lots of people didn't get in touch earlier in the pandemic but are now doing so; lots of people are feeling the mental impact of the pandemic are are calling us for support.