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18th July 2019

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24th May 2018


  • At St Martin’s Practice we aim to offer patients routine face to face GP appointments in 10 working days and telephone appointments in 5 working days.

    For most of 2018 we regret that we have not met this target. The underlying reasons for this are:

    • Increased pressure within the NHS with summer pressures set to equal winter pressures this year.
    • Significant staff sickness at the end of 2017 leading to a loss of appointments (we covered most of the absences by locum GPs but weren’t able to get sufficient cover to meet the loss)
    • Increasing workload in General Practice

    We recognise that it is difficult for both staff and patients when there is a long waiting time for a routine GP appointment. We aim to offer high quality care to our patients within a safe timeframe but must balance this with providing appointments for our same day service and, importantly, ensuring safe and sustainable workloads for our staff.

    We are working hard to try and meet our target waiting times by funding extra GP sessions (we do not receive additional funding for this) and by expanding the clinical roles within our team for example pharmacists. Within the NHS it is recognised that to make best use of GP appointments we should use a mixture of health professionals to see our patients as many issues can be managed by other health professionals such as nurse or pharmacists or physiotherapists. Therefore we try to ensure our patients are seen by the right person as soon as possible.

Drs Adams, Ahmed, Gordon, Oxley

Updated 24.5.18 

28th April 2018

We have moved!

We are now operating from our beautiful new building at St Martin's House, 210 Chapeltown Rd. It is directly opposite our old building. We look forward to welcoming you there.

  • Please note the following:

    • Our phone number has changed. It is now: 0113 22 11 888.
    • Our new building is larger: the consulting rooms are on the ground floor and 2nd floor. Please allow more time to arrive for your appointment, as it will take longer to reach the consulting room!
    • Reception is on the ground floor. Please check-in at the screen on arrival: it will tell you which floor and room to go to.
    • Floors are colour coded: ground floor is purple; 2nd floor is green. There is a waiting room and toilets on both floors.
    • Parking: There are drop-off parking spaces in front of the building, plus limited disabled car parking and bike racks at the rear of the building. We encourage patients and staff to walk to the practice, and to use the stairs (not the lift!) if possible
    • Our opening and closing times remain unchanged. Our one lunchtime closing is changing from Friday, to Thursday. We will continue to be closed for training on 10 Thursday afternoons in the year.
    • There is no change to our appointment system.

26th Jan 2018

Dr Carol Turner

All of us at St Martins Practice have been saddened to learn of the death of a former GP here, Dr Carol Turner.


Carol joined St Martins Practice in 1989 at the same time as Dr Susanna Lawrence with whom she job-shared with for the first few years of what became a long career serving our community. She spent 22 years working tirelessly along with her colleagues and all the staff to build up the practice to the position it enjoys today. She was delighted to see our new building project get off the ground having spent a lot of her non-clinical time just before she retired trying to promote this venture.


When she finished her clinical work in 2011 Carol continued to work as Chair of the board of St Martins Healthcare Services Limited which continues to provide drug and alcohol services to Leeds and other areas together with other providers. She was a trusted and respected colleague to all of the family at St Martins Practice and we will miss her. Our deepest sympathies go to her husband Ralph, and her family and friends

Drs Adams, Ahmed, Gordon, Oxley, Dalton

19th Sept 2017

Introducing our new family planning clinic fortnightly on Tuesday mornings with additional appointments in some of our Tuesday Late surgeries.

This clinic has been introduced to increase access to contraception for our patients.

Having you considered a long acting contraception, such as the coil or the contraceptive implant?

The benefits are:

  • Contraception that lasts from between 3 to 10 years.
  • Not having to remember to do anything once it is inserted
  • Highly effective
  • No delay to return to fertility after removal

For more information about each form of long acting contraception please use the links below:

Intrauterine device (Copper coil)

Intrauterine system (Mirena coil)

Contraceptive implant (Nexplanon)

If you would like to discuss this further please book a telephone appointment with Dr Gordon by ringing 0113-262-1013

Thank you for your continuing support for the practice.

Drs Adams, Gordon, Field, Oxley, Dalton

19th July 2017

Dr Field will be hosting a leaving celebration to which all patients are welcome: September 2nd, 3-6pm, Austin Burke Centre, Chapeltown Rd, LS7 4HZ.

See you there !

26th June 2017

Urinary tract infections are common, we get many calls from patients who think they have a urine infection. Any infection should receive treatment quickly and so they are managed within our same day service by our duty doctor. From today we have made improvements to how we manage these calls with the aim of helping patients as quickly as possible. All the calls will continue to be overseen by our duty doctor. Some patients will be asked set questions by our reception staff: the same questions that the GP would have asked them. The duty doctor will then review the answers and may be able to prescribe treatment immediately, if not then they will contact the patient back.

This change has been carefully planned, and staff have been given full training.

12th Sept 2016

Dr Field is reducing the number of sessions she works at St Martin’s each week to pave her way towards retirement, while at the same time enabling our other newer GPs to increase their responsibilities gradually and in a planned way.

Working fewer sessions means that Dr Field will be offering fewer appointments each week so her wait time may rise.

Dr Field will be retiring and so leaving St Martin’s by the end of 2017. This will be a great loss to the practice and she will be very much missed by both staff and patients.

If Dr Field is your regular GP then we encourage you to consider getting to know other GPs now for your pre-booked appointments.


13th May 2016

We are delighted that we have been rated as GOOD by CQC, following our inspection in November 2015.

Even better, in one of the five key criteria we were rated as outstanding - very hard to do. Our criteria which was rated outstanding was "Are you responsive to patient needs", so we are very pleased that our work in this area has been recognised.

Our rating is a testament to the hard work of our wonderful staff team. Thank you also to those patients who made themselves available on the inspection day to speak to the inspection team.

Thank you for your continuing support for the practice.

Drs Adams, Gordon, Field, Oxley, Dalton

11th April 2016 

Our target is to provide a face to face appointment within 10 working days, and a telephone appointment within 5 working days.Our currnt wait has improved since before Easter and is 5 working days for both face to face and telephone appointments. 


Why is there a wait  ?

We currently have a vacancy in the clinical team. We successfully recruited two new GP partners last years (Drs Dalton and Oxley) however this was not enough to fill all the appointments we lost in 2015 when Dr Sulaiman emigrated, Dr Davies left for family reasons, and Nurse Practitioner Anne Stanley retired. So we have been using locum GPs to make up the difference.

It is hard to recruit GPs, especially in inner-city areas as 1 in 4 GPs now works as a locum GP (more info here). So at times of year including school holidays when locums choose not to work, then practices like us who rely on them, struggle.


What if I am unwell today?

Our same day service is for patients who are unwell and think they may get worse. Please call us before 11am and a GP will call you back. If a face to face appointment is necessary then the GP will arrange one on the same day.


Recruitment update

We are delighted that in the last month our latest recruitment campaign has been successful. Dr Lucy Crosland will be joining us in June as a salaried GP, and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Diane Buckle joins us in May.

Additionally we are looking at ways to share the clinical workload differently between the various professionals that we have in our clinical team, in order to improve both GP workload and ease of getting an appointment. We will be welcoming a pharmacist into our team before the end of 2016, pharmacists are well qualified to provide health and medication advice to patients.

Many of you will remember our HCA Debbie Dunbar, who is returning to us in April as a qualified nurse! We are expanding the nursing team as they able to treat many chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and COPD, as well as supporting patients with follow-up for other conditions.


What can you do?

We encourage you to support the RCGP campaign and the BMA campaign both working to improve funding and workload in general practice.


1st feb 2016 - changes to appt system


1st February 2016


1st Feb 2016


Routine appointments


Please pre-book either a telephone or a face to face appointment.

You can book by phone or online


Phone on the day, speak to a GP who would then arrange a suitable appointment.

Same day service


Medical condition that you feel needs a same day service: please phone before 11am, a GP will call you back with phone advice or a suitable appointment.


14th January 2016

Thank you all who contacted us with support and ideas after reading our update (14th December) about our need to make changes to our appointment system (that update still available in Latest News). We were heartened to know that the workload issues now facing us and all General Practices, are known and understood.


Our proposals are starting to take shape, see below. These proposals will now be discussed by staff and our patient group with a view to implementing the changes from February 2016.

  • Routine appointments: we will ask patients to book ahead for routine appointments, with a greater emphasis on pre-booked telephone Many of you like being able to deal with things on the telephone and we want to keep this. Prebookable face to face appointments will also be available.
  • Same day service: only for patients with a medical condition they feel needs a same day service; patients to phone before 11am and then speak to a GP who will either give phone advice or offer an appropriate face to face appointment. Patients calling after 11am who have a medical condition which requires same day help, will receive it. We (including our patient group) will be developing staff guidelines about which requests are appropriate to be managed by the same day service, so we can better manage workload. So for example, we would propose that sick note requests, medication reviews, and requests for medication, are not appropriate for a same day service as they are not a medical condition.
  • Recruitment: we successfully recruited 2 new GP partners last year, but still have vacancies in the clinical team. In January 2016 we will be advertising for doctors or nurse practitioners to join us with the aim of filling our vacancies and also providing additional cover: so we can start covering holiday internally, without using locums.
  • We will work smarter across clinical and administration teams to ensure work is done by the most suitable person and within an appropriate timescale. Administrative and clinical tasks currently done by GPs could be taken on by another team member (in the nursing or administrative teams) provided proper training and support are in place.

 14th December 2015 - Our appointment system

We have been operating a Doctors First appointments system since June 2014. Staff and patient group were consulted at outset and throughout as we have refined the system.

We are proud to have tried something new intending to improve the service. When it works well there is no wait for patients and it can be more efficient time-wise for the GP who has more control over their workflow.

Unfortunately the workload under this system has become unsustainable.


  • Seeing the same doctor improves continuity. We have promoted continuity under Dr 1st however it feels less easy now as we must balance daily workload between all GPs.
  • We are using a lot of locum GPs to meet daily demand:

o   The cost is unsustainable. Locums are not available at holiday times.

o   Locum working means not making a long term commitment to caring for that patient (see also health promotion below).

  • Opportunistic health promotion, and the patient’s holistic wellbeing, feels more difficult to fit in when the GP is under pressure to meet daily demand.
  • All doctors feel so constantly under pressure that their wellbeing is being harmed.

We would like to hear your thoughts & feelings

Rising patient demand is a publicised national issue. It feels like we are working unsustainably hard to meet rising demand whereas we would prefer to challenge the fact that GP workload is increasing without the funding to follow.

We would value hearing your thoughts about our appointment system plus your comments about changes we should make. We will almost certainly introduce interim changes in January to give us time and headspace to plan for the longer-term.

Please attend one of our patient listening events

These are taking place on 16th Dec, 1.30-2.30 and 5.30-6.30. They are for us to listen to your feelings about our current system, both positive and otherwise, and any comments you may like to share about changes you feel we could make. They will be run informally.

Or to put your views in writing please use the Contact Us page, before 18th December 2015.

This is short notice, and we know that December for many of you is a very busy time. We are sorry about the poor timing of this consultation.

Thank-you for your continued support of the practice. Drs Adams, Gordon, Field, Oxley, Dalton



21/9/15 Please join us in welcoming our new GP partner Dr Esther Dalton,

who will be working Mondays, Fridays, and Wednesday morning.

New Leaflet showing our clinical team from September 2015 download here



New Leaflet showing our clinical team from Septmeber 2015 download here

3/8/15 Our clinical team

We’d like you to meet our clinical team. We have successfully recruited GP partners and other staff to replace those that moved on during 2015.

Four new clinicians have started in the team:

  • Dr Dalton (from September 2015)
  • Dr Hallas (from July 2015)
  • Dr Oxley (from May 2015)
  • Natasha Kelly, Diabetes Nurse (May 2015)

Our full team is pictured here in this leaflet, and GP rotas are on our website as always.

You may have seen media reports about falling numbers of GPs: our experience bears this out. Recent reports say 1 in every 4 GPs now works as a locum rather than a partner or salaried GP because locum working is seen as less stressful. We work hard to provide a supportive working environment for our clinical team & are proud to have successfully recruited four excellent clinicians at a time when recruitment is so difficult.

We understand it may seem that much is changing. Please be assured of our ongoing commitment to provide high-quality patient-centred care in partnership with you.

1/7/15 Dr Urfi Sulaiman After 16 wonderful years at St Martins and 23 years as an NHS doctor, I have taken the decision to embark on a new chapter and travel abroad.


I will be emigrating to Canada with my family, and so leaving St Martin’s at the end of July. I take this decision with great sadness at leaving all my colleagues and patients at St Martins knowing that it will be difficult for everyone, but I felt I have to do what is right for me and my family. It was a difficult decision and I have felt very supported during this time.

As patients, you know the strain the NHS has been under especially the frontline services. I have felt and increasing feel that if we want to improve our health service we need to be proactive and implore the Health secretary to increase funding to Primary Care. We all want the best for ourselves and the future and the government, who is there to serve us, needs to hear this. The NHS is a model and beacon for the world, let us keep it that way.

I know there will be some uncertainty for St Martins until a replacement for me can be found. I would urge everyone to make allowance for that. It is difficult to recruit GP's nationally and there are well established reasons for this. I have always loved the NHS and am saddened by the changes I have seen over the years. I would also urge everyone to contact the Health Secretary and implore him to fund General Practice appropriately to encourage the safe future of the NHS for all of us.

Dr Urfi Sulaiman

30th June 2015

codffee jpeg

12th May 2015

Dr Beth Oxley Please join us  in welcoming our new GP partner, Dr Beth Oxley

MBChB MRCGP DFSRH, who joins us in May 2015. Dr Oxley will be working on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

16.3.15 Our Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Anne Stanley, will be retiring in April 2015.

Anne has been with us for nearly 9 years and has been an invaluable part of our clinical team. Anne leads our diabetes clinic which provides an outstanding quality service of which we are very proud. She will be much missed by staff and patients and we wish her a long and happy retirement.

We also announce and also with great regret, that Dr Paul Davies will be leaving the practice in April 2015. In the nearly-3 years that he has been with us Dr Davies has made a significant contribution to the practice and is very popular with patients and staff alike. We are all sad to see him go and wish him continued success in the future.

Thank-you for your continuing support of the practice. Drs Adams, Davies, Field, Gordon & Sulaiman, March 2015


23.3.15 patient access to medical records

All patients who are registered to use our online service may view a summary of their records without charge. The summary will be visible to you when you log in to use our online service. You are also able to order repeat prescriptions and book appointments online.

To register, please speak to any member of our administration team.

6.3.15 Anne Stanley and Dr Paul Davies

Our Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Anne Stanley, will be retiring in April 2015. Anne has been with us for nearly 9 years and has been an invaluable part of our clinical team. Anne leads our diabetes clinic which provides an outstanding quality service of which we are very proud. She will be much missed by staff and patients and we wish her a long and happy retirement.

We also announce and also with great regret, that Dr Paul Davies will be leaving the practice in April 2015. In the nearly-3 years that he has been with us Dr Davies has made a significant contribution to the practice and is very popular with patients and staff alike. We are all sad to see him go and wish him continued success in the future.

Thank-you for your continuing support of the practice. Drs Adams, Davies, Field, Gordon & Sulaiman, March 2015

26.1.15: Our prescription service is changing from. This will affect you if you order prescriptions regularly OR if you get a one-off prescription

We are moving to the national Electronic Prescribing programme; some Leeds GPs have already started it.

What is Electronic Prescribing? No more green paper prescriptions will be printed. Instead, we’ll send your prescription electronically to your “nominated” pharmacy.

What will change? From Monday 26/1/15 we will accept requests for repeat prescriptions over the counter / into our request box only if you have “nominated” a pharmacy.

Then after ordering your prescription from us, wait the usual 2 working days, then just go to your pharmacy and collect your items.

How do I “nominate” a pharmacy? Go to your usual pharmacy and say you want to “nominate” them as your pharmacy for electronic prescriptions. They’ll do the rest.

Why are we doing this? This national programme makes the prescription process safer (fewer errors) & more efficient (no lost prescriptions).

I’d like more information See

Thank-you for your understanding and support as we work to improve our service


13th January 2015

Same day GP contact

From 19th January 2015 we are asking for you to call between 8.30am and 3pm for same day GP contact. (Previously 8.30am-4pm). The reasons for this change are:

  • Current GP workload is unsustainable; the change gives GPs more time to see patients appropriately
  • Our service remains available 6½ hours per day for patients to call in for a same day contact.
  • The original time of 4pm related to dealing with children coming home from school unwell & needing GP advice. Experience now tells us the majority of such calls relate to viral infections. If a child has been at school that day then local guidance advises telephone advice which we will continue to do. If the patient is otherwise unwell then they of course will be seen if appropriate.

For more informaiton about our GP appointment system and how it works, please click the Appointments tab at the top of the page.

Thank-you for your understanding.
Drs Adams, Field, Davies, Gordon, Sulaiman


11th April 2014

 Our new appointment system starts 12th May 2014. This information relates to our NEW appointment system.

How do I arrange an appointment ?

1. Please ring us on the day that you want an appointment, and the doctor will speak to you. The doctor will call you back the same morning or afternoon

2. What if I am going out or working? We can call you back on a mobile or at a time to suit you

3. What if I have trouble using the telephone? We understand. Please speak to our reception team and we can discuss other arrangements


When do I have to call, and how long will I have to wait to speak to the doctor on the phone?

• For routine matters, please call us before 11am on a day you know you are available for an appointment if it might be required. This may be of particular note to those with long term medical conditions and / or regular medication.

• We prefer you to call before 11am, but you can of course call any time through out the day.

• If you are able to call before 11am, the GP will speak to you in the morning.

• If you call after 11am then the GP will speak to you in the afternoon.

• If you call after 4pm, and are well, then we may ask you to call the next morning as we may not have time to see you for routine matters.

• If you call after 4 pm, and are unwell, then the GP will speak with you same day before 6pm.

See the Appointments Page for more

31st January 2014

Many of our patients have now received letters telling them about . Every household in the country is being sent such a letter.

Starting in Spring 2014 all GP practices are required to allow anonymised use of their patient data by the Health & Social Care Information Centre. As a practice we are required to alert you to this new use of your personal confidential information. You do have a choice as to how your personal confidential information is used.



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